New Foundation Savings Bank respects your financial privacy. We will comply with all laws and regulations designed to secure that privacy

Your relationship with us is important, and we want you to understand our policies and practices about handling information. We will keep confidential any information about you but may share information about you with our subsidiaries, affiliated companies, and business partners as described below in order to provide better service. “Information” means nonpublic, personal financial information.

Information about you

We may routinely collect or retain information that includes your:
(1) name, address, telephone number, social security number, annual income, current and past employers: (2) answers to questions on deposit and loan application; and (3) deposit and loan balances, overdraft history and payment history with us. We collect information from consumer reporting agencies regarding credit and checking account histories. In order to better serve you, we also may retain information about types of products and services you purchase from us to learn about your financial needs and interests. We may share this information with others to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with our information sharing policies and practices listed below.

Safeguarding information about you

Information that we have about you is available to our employees and agents on a “need to know” basis so they can do their jobs. We prohibit our employees and agents from giving information about you to anyone in a manner that would violate any applicable law or our privacy policy. We do not provide information about you to anyone without first verifying who they are and whether they may have legal access to the information. We train our employees to protect information we have about you. We also have a disaster preparedness program to secure this information in case of natural disasters, hazards or threats. Our security and confidentiality procedures are routinely tested to make sure they work.

Account numbers

We will not disclose your account number for deposit account or transaction account to a nonaffiliated third party in order for them to sell you products or services. We may give your account number to consumer reporting agencies because we are allowed or are required to do so by law.

Information sharing – Agent nonaffiliated companies

We may share information about you with certain nonaffiliated companies that are our agents. We do this to provide convenient access to products or services, or because these companies help us perform necessary business functions or services. This sharing is permitted by law. Such agents are required to keep confidential any information about you that we give them.

Ending customer relationship

When you end your customer relationship with us, or when we end our customer relationship with you, we will treat the information we have about you as if you were still our customer.

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