Sarah Aguilar loves people and connects with them as much as possible. For her, it all starts at home with her parents and her three younger sisters. She doesn’t let the age gap between the sisters get in the way of having a good time.


“We have such a close relationship,” said Sarah. “We love to go shopping, to bake and to just hang out. We used to hike a lot before we moved to the area.”

Sarah and her family moved to Cincinnati from San Diego, California last year and her family history has international roots, which she enjoys learning about from her mom and dad.

“We are a Hispanic family,” she said. “My parents are from Mexico and my mom makes the best food. I love cooking with her. I think her tamales are the best in the world. Now that I’m older, I really want to learn her recipes and try to do that.”

Sarah also learns a lot of baking tricks by watching YouTube videos. Then, she and her sisters will try to whip up something delicious in the kitchen, even if it meant regular shopping trips to get cake-decorating supplies.

“I think I bought everything from Michael's,” Sarah joked. “It would just be so much stuff. We’d bake cookies and cakes. We couldn’t eat them all. So, I would take it to my church and say, ‘Have some cake!’”

Sarah is very involved with her church as a youth leader and helps with the church’s social media. Serving in this ministry helps her stay connected with her faith and helps her grow in it. Her work with youth also looks to lead her as she pursues other professional interests. Currently, Sarah is enrolled at Cincinnati State as she prepares to go into occupational therapy school in the future.

Staying connected with people is one of the reasons why Sarah loves working at New Foundation Savings Bank. The move from a large financial institution to a community-based bank plays into Sarah’s strengths and interests.


“It’s nice here,” Sarah said. “If a customer comes in here and they want to talk to you, then you can do that. Where I used to work, there were long lines and we just had to move people along. You can build a relationship here. You call and get a person here, not a machine.”

Sarah completed a study abroad program in France and has traveled to Italy and Europe. Her travel bucket list includes all 50 states, as well South America and Australia.

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