It might sound like quite the leap to go from auto racing to banking, but for New Foundation Savings Bank president Rob Hoffman, it’s all part of a long family history. Rob got an early start at both careers that have had more twists and turns than a racetrack.

“I am third generation when it comes to racing,” Rob said. “My grandfather was a mechanic and a car owner. My father got more involved with the mechanical side and lead the Hoffman Auto Racing Team from the late 60's to the early 80's. Eventually, I took it on.”

By the age of 20, Rob was the youngest chief mechanic at the Indianapolis 500. His life became all about cars and the art of racing.


“For the last 30 years, all my spare time was spent on racing,” Rob said. “I had no other outside interests. I retired from it full-time in 2016 and here I am.”

Even though the racing bug bit Rob at an early age, something else lingered in his family’s history: banking. The same grandfather who was into racing also ran a small bank, and Rob saw the ins and outs of the business. 

He started working in a bank at age 16. “It was a cash-based society back then. In a way, counting so much of it kind of made it lose its value for me.”, said Rob.

After earning degrees in finance and real estate, Rob joined a small bank with only four employees.  He rose through the ranks to Executive Vice President and grew the bank from one location to three. 

He kept building the client base thanks to his work and that of the people he hired along the way, who he says are so valuable to a successful banking environment.

“I’ve been on a race team for years and that’s what we are here at New Foundation Savings Bank: a team,” said Rob. “Being in a small environment we all chime in with suggestions on what the customers might need.  We know our customers. We greet them by name and get to know their families.”

Rob and his family are planning to travel to Anna Maria Island. He’s visited Las Vegas, New Orleans and he “really wants to visit Europe, specifically Germany.” Right now, he’s planning a trip to San Diego, California where he intends to rent a Harley-Davidson and ride up the Pacific Coast.

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