Bev Rosiello loves a good hands-on project. You might find her out and about her Colerain Township home working on a landscaping or gardening project.  A self-proclaimed flower lover, Bev and her husband of 32 years, John, grow all kinds of perennials and even have their own herb garden. Those herbs come in handy in the kitchen when she is making her favorite type of food: Italian.


“I make my own pesto and bruschetta,” she said.

Bev doesn't always have much time for trying new dishes, though, because she’s usually rolling up her sleeves on one project or another.  For example, in 2015, Bev and her husband started a renovation.

“We bought a duplex and rehabbed it,” Bev shared. “We wanted to diversify our investments and also help our daughter Maria find an apartment.”

The process of buying the Oakley property and flipping it took almost a year. Lots of sweat equity went into making the old building into something new and wonderful.


“We did the sanding and painting pretty much every night for six to eight months,” said Bev. “Our daughter now lives there and it is building credit and equity for her.”

Bev used New Foundation Savings Bank for the Oakley building mortgage and then joined the banking team because it reminded her of the first job she had out of high school.

“I worked at a bank like this for eight years and I started there right out of high school,” Bev said. “I then worked at a data center for 20 years and moved into several other jobs over the next twelve years until I decided to retire. When I came here, I found it very community oriented and service centered. The people are nice.”


So, when she retired from Ohio National, she made New Foundation Savings Bank her new work home.

When she’s not helping customers searching for ways to make their dreams come true, Bev takes care of her 98-year old mother and rides her bike. In June, she completed an 80-mile riding challenge to help raise funds to fight childhood cancer.

Bev and her husband also love to travel; they have been all over the United States, New Zealand and Italy.

“It’s gorgeous there,” said Bev. “We love the central and southern areas on the west coast of Italy. I’d really like to go back there some day.”

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