Home Design Trends Part 1: Lighting


Whether you’re building a new home or looking to redesign your current house, there are many decisions to factor into the process. With so many choices, it can be easy to get lost in the bigger projects and details. Large, looming decisions such architecture, furniture options, wall coverings, floor materials take front and center.

However, one of the most transformative elements to any room is something often overlooked: the lighting. Sure, light fixtures have an important functional purpose in our homes. They illuminate the space so we can see when it is dark. Yet, a home’s lighting fixtures can really elevate your home’s sense of style. And, it can even add value to your home.


“Lighting is a relatively inexpensive way to help increase the value of your home,” according to LightingTutor.com. “If you plan your lighting project effectively, you can turn an ordinary home into a beautiful home and increase the value at the same time.


When visiting Homearama 2020 in Cincinnati recently, the builders and designers truly put a spotlight on the lighting fixtures in the new homes. Fixtures in every shape and size were on display.


One of the most popular trends shown in a number of the Homearama homes were old-fashioned light fixtures. Many of them had an almost industrial feel to them.


This giant frosted glass jar looks yellowed and weathered, giving this office a vintage vibe.


The trio of hanging pendant lights on this stairway shows off the glowing filament inside the way many of the original light bulbs did back in 1879. In fact, these type of bulbs are commonly known as Edison Bulbs.


These fixtures not only light the way for the homeowners going up the stairs, but also provide a dramatic statement in a space that is often under-utilized.


While some homes embraced an old-fashioned look, other builders and designers opted for a more modern aesthetic.


Geometric fixtures in an art-deco style have been gaining traction as a home décor trend for a few years now and they were shown off in the model homes in Cincinnati.


There are the big statement pieces like this overhead circular bedroom light that gives an ethereal glow to the room.


Then there’s the hard, rectangular angles of this modern chandelier that looks more like a mobile than a stairwell light. For multi-level homes, it is definitely a conversation piece that goes almost from ceiling to floor.


Fabulous lighting isn’t just reserved for bedrooms and stairways, though. How about adding some modern lighting curves over your kitchen island like we saw at Homearama?


Meanwhile, in one of the dining rooms, there was yet another geometric light fixture interpretation. This one uses multiple bulbs at various angles to bounce the light off the ceiling and the walls.

Recessed or canned lighting is also still very popular in homes of all shapes and sizes. They provide a lot of function without taking up a lot of space, giving any room a sleek modern touch.


There are light fixtures of all shapes and sizes available at a variety of retailers in our area. Whether you like the big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes, or want something a little more customized, a quick internet search can point you in the right direction.


Prices range anywhere from less than $100 for a fixture all the way up to thousands. It all depends on the size, shape and material of your desired light design.


So, if you’re in the process of building your home or simply using some of your refinancing money to add some upgrades to your current house, don’t forget about the lighting. It adds a lot of dimension and flair to your home for a reasonable price.

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