Having fun while on a budget may sound impossible. After all, even simple things like going out to see a movie can send a budget into a tailspin. The average price of a single movie ticket is $9.11, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners. For a family of four, before taxes, that’s nearly $40 just for the movie tickets. Throw in some snacks for everyone and now you’re talking about possibly even doubling that amount. Ouch!


If your budget just doesn’t allow for expenses like that on a regular basis, there are ways for you and the family to enjoy quality time together for little to no money.  And, it’s even possible to get out on the town and have a blast! All you need is a little creativity or a little time investment to find the fun around your area.



Community Movie Nights

If you don’t want to give up going out to the movies, then check around your local parks, shopping centers and even churches to free community movie nights. Many of these locations offer regular showings of movies for people of all ages. All you need to bring is a blanket or chairs and whatever snacks you might want. There’s nothing like watching a movie under the stars. Plus, the free films can help you save your money for a rainy day.



Free Admission Days at Local Venues

Many cultural venues, such as museums, offer free or discounted admission on select days. For example, the Cincinnati Art Museum has free admission on Thursdays for everyone. The Newport Aquarium frequently offers free admission for children with the purchase of an adult ticket.


Your Local Library

The local library is making a big comeback these days! If you libraries are just for checking out books, then you need to re-visit your local branch. Every local library has wide variety of programming available for local residents: arts and crafts, movies, lectures, clubs and so much more. Plus, if books aren’t always your thing, most libraries now how music, DVDs and even video games to check out—all for free! Visit your nearest library’s website for a full schedule of programming and events.

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