Ready to get in shape, but worried you don’t have the money to invest in an exercise program? After all, gym memberships can be expensive, especially when lengthy membership contracts are involved. The good news is you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars a month to get fit, even if you want a structured program to build healthier habits.


Walking: Only Shoes Required

Forget all the bells and whistles of machines or classes. One of the best and least expensive forms of exercise is taking good, old-fashioned walk. The only out-of-pocket spending you have to do is finding a decent pair of sneakers. Of course, you can spend hundreds of dollars on big-name brand athletic shoes. But, honestly, just go to your favorite local shoe store, try on some sneakers and get a pair that give your feet plenty of support and cushion. You’ll be putting on a lot of miles on your 

feet, so you don’t want to buy a flimsy shoe. Many shoe stores carry quality brands like Asics, Saucony, Nike and New Balance for under $100. Be patient, find the right fit and don’t blow a ton of cash on shoes you’ll have to replace in about six to eight months. Yes, you need to replace your shoes as they wear down from all those walks you take!


Weight and Resistance Training: Building Strength While Keeping Your Savings

Contrary to what you may see on late-night infomercials, you do not need a full at-home gym system to build up strength and muscle. Those total fitness packages look amazing, but costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. All you need is a few free weights and maybe some resistance bands to get your sweat on and get toned. A multi-weight dumbbell set can be found for less than $40 in most stores or online. Resistance bands are even less expensive. For an initial investment of $50-$75 total, you can create your own home gym.


Fitness Apps Put Classes in The Palm of Your Hand

Looking to take some fitness classes, but don’t want the commitment and cost of a gym? There are numerous fitness apps out there that bring everything from cardio workouts to yoga right to your living room!

FitOn is a totally free app (no in-app purchases required) that offers a wide range of cardio and strength classes from top-rated trainers from across the country. Want a dance class? It’s there! Looking for some intense interval training? No worries, FitOn has you covered. Classes are offered either on-demand or in scheduled blocks throughout the day and available for all ages and abilities!

Aaptiv is another easy-to-use fitness app for smartphones or computers. When you sign up for Aaptiv, you get a one-week free trial membership. This allows you to try a range of classes before you commit to a monthly membership. Again, classes range from running, elliptical and biking workouts, yoga, strength training, meditation and more. The monthly cost for an Aaptive membership is $14.99 or you can do a one-time, yearly payment of $99.




So, if you’ve been using your budget as an excuse for not getting out there and getting in shape, then you might want to check these options out! For the price of a couple of cups of premium coffee or smoothies a month, you can invest in your health instead. You are worth it!

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